This bracelet features a large Jasper stone with Amazonite rocks and Labradorite round beads. These stones together create the perfect energy for riding the waves of healing and transformation through your deepest emotions and overcoming anything blocking you from your highest destiny.

Jasper is grounding and assists with bringing you into your body and providing strength, stability and security. Jasper is aligned with the electromagnetic energies of Gaia - our Mother Earth. It balances your aura and keep the energy field surrounding the body spinning in divine perfection. Jasper is also known to promote self discipline and bring fertility.

Labradorite is the stone of transformation. This crystal assists with revealing unhealthy behavior patterns and belief structures and can be worn when confronting life struggles such as addiction. This stone strengthens intuition and psychic abilities while providing shielding and auric protection. It shines a light on inner wisdom and helps one connect to their higher aspects.

Amazonite brings calm and tranquil energy promoting fluidity and adaptability to change. Amazonite supports speaking your truth and having positive, loving communications with others. It attracts hope and can bring someone to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is also used to promote cell regeneration after serious injury or trauma.

One size fits most- however please leave a note if you need it larger or smaller than average.

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