In the Now


In the Now bracelet is designed to bring you into the now and be present, able to enjoy the gifts of life available each moment. It also brings the message to release the past - that with each second, a new you is created. Ahhhhh, sweet relief!

Jasper brings the power of presence to the physical body. It offers stability and grounding, as it is aligned with the electromagnetic energies of Gaia, Mother Earth. It balances the aura and enhances physical energy. Jasper promotes self discipline while providing peace, tranquility, strength and security. It is also used to aid fertility.
Rose Quartz purifies and opens the heart while restoring trust and harmony. It promotes universal love and works with the heart chakra. It raises self esteem and brings the wearer self awareness and self acceptance. Rose Quartz carries the frequency of forgiveness and clears away anger, jealousy and resentment. It helps to heal a broken heart and attracts the frequency of a new, fresh love.

Thank you for your support! Enjoy!

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