Hater Blocker


Hater Blocker gets its name for its ability to block and repel negative energies.

This is a powerful piece for blocking negativity and bringing on transformation.

Labrodite is a stone of transformation and protection. It shields the aura while strengthening intuition and psychic abilities. It assists with connecting to unseen realms. It reveals unhealthy patterns and belief structures and provides a protective barrier for transformation. Labrodite shines a light on the wisdom within. It is also known to increase intelligence.
Obsidian absorbs negative energies and shields against negativity. Its mirror like quality shows its powers in promoting truth and reflection. It enhances self awareness and assists with gaining insight from past experiences. Obsidian supports healing from deep traumas and addictions. It provokes curiosity and encourages exploration of the unknown.

Thank you for your support! Enjoy!

Reviews (4)


Received my bracelets today. I have purchased from Emily several times and she has excellent quality products. I will always support her!

I’ve purchased from this company several times. I absolutely love love love love the bracelets!

Beautiful although the knot in elastic came undone after one day so had to resting.

LOOOVVVEEE it! OMGEEE! This bracelet is so nice! I love it!

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