Beam Me Up


Beam Me Up is handmade with real Amethyst beads and the dangler stone is agate. These crystals are combined for the ultimate energetic lift off!

Amethyst is known for its tranquilizing abilities and stress relieving powers. It soothes irritability and balances the mood. It is capable of improving intuition and enhancing psychic abilities. Amethyst boosts immunity and balances the endocrine and hormonal systems. It can assist with insomnia and promotes sobriety and a sound mind.

Purple Agate is known for stabilizing energy and strengthening mental power. It encourages the wearer to speak and express their truth. Agate harmonizes ying and yang energy and improves concentration. It is also knows to guide those who carry it away from mishaps and danger.

This will keep you in balance and blissed out!

Due to being real stone/crystals, color and size may slightly vary

Thank you! In-Joy :)

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